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Manufacturing and product development
At PBL our development teams offers a range of product-focused
services, including development and scale-up, product characterisation,
analytical development and qualification, and process troubleshooting,
as well as pre-GMP and GMP manufacturing capacity.
Specialist expertise focused on delivery
By building on the knowledge and experience gained from
successfully manufacturing our own products, we can offer access
to our facilities and expertise for the production of a wide range of
clinical materials. Facilities include unique containment level 3
capabilities geared to the bespoke manufacture of low-volume,
high potency and toxic bacterial products. Together with specialist
laboratories and bespoke services for translational development, we
aid new biopharmaceutical products to progress from gene to GMP.
Process redevelopment and qualification
Experience gained from the continuous improvement of our own
processes enables us to offer a comprehensive range of services,
including complete process redesign, introduction of disposable
technology and improved analytical methods. These activities are
underpinned by the expert knowledge of our regulatory and
validation teams.
Analytical development and qualification
Our development team designs and adapts a wide range of analytical
techniques to demonstrate process reproducibility and product quality.
Method qualification ensures that such techniques are fit for their
intended purpose.
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